Smith Abrasives Diamond Edge Pro Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener: Smith Abrasives Diamond Edge Pro Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Smith's is proud to introduce the Diamond Edge Pro Electric/Manual Knife and Scissors Sharpener with Edge Pro technology featuring Interlocking diamond wheels in combination with manual sharpening elements. It provides a broad capability to sharpen multiple blade types and edge conditions. This one product allows you to easily sharpen extremely dull blades, maintain razor sharp edges on both straight and serrated blades & sharpen common household scissors. The Diamond Edge Pro will sharpen straight edge knives of alloy, carbon, or stainless steel in the electric sharpening slot. It is designed to sharpen your finest cutlery and other common kitchen knives. Do not attempt to sharpen any blade that does not fit freely into the electric sharpening slot. Edge Pro Technology features interlocking diamond wheels which delivers fast and precise sharpening of both sides of your blade at the same time. This reduces the amount of time needed to sharpen your knife, leaves no micro-burrs on the edge and assures equal treatment of both sides of the knife edge.  Currently Interlocking Diamond Wheels can only be found on commercial grade sharpening machines. Smith’s is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer the retail consumer a quality electric knife sharpener that uses the same technology as commercial grade sharpeners. The sharpening wheels using in the Diamond Edge Pro are coated with "micro-sized" mono-crystalline diamonds. Our wheels are manufactured in the United States according to strict tolerances in order to ensure the same high quality and performance of each and every wheel.

Technical Details

  • Diamond Edge Pro features adjustable 2-speed motor allows you to control the sharpening process and ensures professional results every time.
  • Pull out to Lock Scissors Sharpener for Both Right and Left-Handed Scissors and sharpens both sides of your scissors at the same time. The "floating" ceramic rods adjust to the proper sharpening angle of your scissors.
  • Edge Alignment Slot restores proper edge alignment on extremely dull or damaged edges
  • Additional features include Rubber Hand Grip, Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Magnetic Collection Strip for Metal Filings
  • Wheel Abrasive, Diamonds; Wheel Grade, Medium Grit
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